New Blog and New Address

I’ve started a new blog, but don’t worry, if you choose to follow it, it’s not going to be the same as this one. It’s more of just an experiment to start, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve started it on Tumblr, which is a kind of microblogging site. Microblogs are a kind of blogs, but their posts are generally more bite-sized. I believe Twitter is also considered a microblog.

Anyway, since starting this blog, I’ve started to have some random ideas of things to post on a more personal and eclectic blog. One that’s less focused on a single topic. I will continue to work on this blog as well, as I am still finding new and interesting things on the web. If anything, I  see this new blog as yet another way to cultivate new online connections and discover new interweb treasures.

The real purpose for this post is less in the flow of my usual reviews and is merely meant to bring this new blog to your attention, as well as one more thing. If you subscribe to my blog with a reader and you have been using, please update your subscription to use The feed you will be getting will be exactly the same, so no worries on that front. You should do this, because I will changing the settings of to forward to my page. Having two blogs, it seemed weird to have one of them at and not the other. This way, I can have links to both my blogs from my splash page.

I’ll be adding my new blog to my stuff on the side, or you can link to it at


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