Social Media Explained

Twitter-I need to pee; Facebook - I peed; Foursquare - this is where I pee; Quora - why am I peeing?; Youtube - look at this pee!; Linkedin - I'm good at peeing

My brother found this, and since I don’t have much time and haven’t put much thought into this week’s post I thought I’d share it with you. I think it’s a perfect summary of exactly what I aimed to do when I started this blog, and exactly how I feel about all the ridiculous variety of things out there now that I’ve looked into it.

I’m still gonna keep up the blog. I love writing. I just won’t necessarily focus on the net. In case you couldn’t tell from my recent posts.

And I may dedicate my next post to what the heck Quora is, because I had never heard of it until this picture.


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