Another Passover Come and Gone

When I was a kid Passover was far from my favourite Holiday. Hannukah was at the top of my list for obvious reasons. But as I’ve grown, and toys have become less central to my life, Passover has taken the lead. It’s hard to beat the fun of seeing family for a big fun dinner.

This Passover was exceptionally fun, because I got to spend a lot more time with my sister and her kids than I usually do around this time of year. I also had the opportunity to co-lead a seder with my cousin – and that turned out to be a lot simpler than I had anticipated. During that seder, I briefly mentioned that Passover makes me think of what I am thankful for. And I do have a lot to appreciate and be thankful for. But now that my sister and her kids have left for home, it is impossible to deny that family is at the top of my list.

Now in order for this post to not be completely hokey (and to say thanks to my sister), here’s a great video that we found during her visit.



  1. I am in total agreement. Being with family is so great. These get-togethers are a ton of work, but worth every bit of energy put into it. The laughter, the closeness, the shared experiences – can’t beat it.

  2. HAHA!! Put a bird on it! I loved it. I am going to look for this show! I love you, Nate!!

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