More Planning

More planning is what I need. Planning ahead that is. Sundays continue to creep up on me and just as I am going to bed I remember, ‘Oh crud! my blog!’

This week some pretty memorable things happened that (I think) give me a decent excuse for forgetting (once again) to write at a time of day when I shouldn’t be sleeping. This past week the NDP surged ahead of the Liberals in the polls, which was pretty surprising to all of us I think (or maybe just if you’re Canadian). It was raining a lot in Toronto (which was annoying and wet). And I think most memorable of all were the events of just tonight, with the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden. Now, I can’t really use this last one as an excuse, because it happened at the very end of the week, but it’s historical enough that it warrant’s mention.

And on a personal note, I went for my first run post long-time back injury and my first run of the season. And after that for no discernible reason I walked for an hour across downtown Toronto. So if I wasn’t sore before, I sure am now.

As a strange, and interesting endorsement, check out a game called Minecraft. It’s Sims-esque in that there is no goal. The graphics look lego-ey, but don’t let that phase you. You can run around, collecting materials, create tools, and basically fashion the landscape however you choose with your two blocky, digital hands. I’ve only played for a few minutes, but it seems genuinely interesting. Certainly kid friendly. Check out there site where there’s a video of some gameplay.


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