A Mother’s Day to Remember

My Ma’s birthday is always close to Mother’s Day, but this year they were one and the same.

We celebrated by going out to South 202 in Milton. Normally I would go with the ribs, which are fantastic, but tonight John (the chef) apparently decided to let the creative juices flow and on special was a veal chop with adjective adjective adjective chocolate sauce. Everything before ‘chocolate sauce’ now eludes me, because the idea was so foreign. But even so, I took the leap and it was SO worth it. Even my brother, who certainly enjoys the ribs even more than I do agreed that the chocolate sauce veal was phenomenal. Even claimed he would make the 45 min trip to Milton on a regular basis to have it if it were on the menu.

The food was awesome, and the company even better.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday, Ma.

I love you tons.




  1. WAH! I wish I had been there!! WAH!!!

  2. I agree totally, Nate. It was a superb and very unusual meal. I so enjoyed having the 2 of you there. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Belinda, JP, Emily and the kids there. Oh well – maybe another time.

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