Visualizing the Yeas and Nays

Notabilia – Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia


Here’s a neat page that my buddy JB found. Every once in a while, some Wikipedia editor somewhere looks at a Wikipedia article, takes a pause to consult their wikipedic knowledge on Wikipedia article policies, and decides, ‘hey, this thing should probably be deleted.’ They nominate it for deletion, and a discussion ensues. Usually this discussion is a short one (at least according to the data on this website. I can’t verify, because I’m not a frequent Wikipedia editor. Though I have edited a single article in my time). But there are exceptions to the short discussion rule, and this website makes a very cool interactive graphic from the result.


The tree at the top of this page is a visual representation of how the 100 longest deletion discussions are proceeding in the editorial wikiverse. They go on to describe some other cool properties about this data, but I’ll let you read up on that on your own time. At the very least give it a glance and a quick mouse-hover.

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