A Simple Request

from Robin Good Masternewmedia.org

Hello dear Readers. Apologies, for yet another non-internet-exploratory-review post. This is simply to inform you that I’ve started using Google’s Feedburner to publish my RSS feed. I’m not totally sure of what I’m talking about either, but here’s the deal:

Feedburner let’s me keep track of my readership of subscribers using a reader. WordPress, the service I write this blog on, lets me keep track of stats associated with visitors to my blog, but not on people who simply read it with a reader (although it does count email subscribers, but who does that?).

So, my simple request to all you subscribers out there is to delete your current subscription from your reader, and to click on the new RSS chicklets I’ve put on the left-hand side of the page. They look the same, I know, but they are funneled through Google’s Feedburner so that I can keep track of you all for my diabolical reviewing purposes.

Thanks for your help, dear Readers, and happy new year!

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