I took most of this week off to visit home and spend time with my sister’s family. My twin ni (my plural for niece) had their birthdays this week, so I got to celebrate it with them. It’s hard to believe how old they’ve gotten. I still remember when they were born while I was at summer camp. And now they’re little people. As always, it was awesome to spend time with everyone, and it went by far too quickly.


Speaking of milestones… Tomorrow marks the final voyage of NASA’s shuttle program. Atlantis, barring any weather restrictions, will lift off tomorrow for a roughly two week mission to resupply the ISS. It will be the 135th, and final, shuttle flight since the first launch on April 12, 1981.


Thirty years is a pretty long time for a vehicle to be in use, let a lone a reusable space vehicle (a brand new concept at the time when the shuttle was first conceptualized in the late 60’s). I know public interest has long since stopped focusing on travels to space, but I still believe that it has the power to captivate everyone and anyone. I hope our love for exploration and revealing the unknown doesn’t retire with the shuttle tomorrow. I hope we keep dreaming of what could be, and where it could happen.


If space is a sports stadium, we are like an ant exploring the crack below the door. There are so many things still for us to see. We can’t turn back now. We’re just getting started.

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