RyeAds.com – A Little Bit of Payoff

After my first week back in class, I’m exhausted. For various reasons I’ve been staying up later than I should have, and then waking up very early to make it to class on time. I was going to reward myself tonight with an early bedtime and a late sleep-in, but I think the early bedtime will have to wait.

Just before I was about to hop into bed, I checked on my Google Analytics and saw a slight increase in the number of visitors that RyeAds.com has been getting this week. This was pretty cool. I hadn’t checked the site out for a few days, and didn’t expect to see a jump at all. I had an interview with the Eyeopener, one of Ryerson’s school papers, and I had made an announcement to my fellow Aerospace Engineering students, but that’s it.

Then I checked my email account (where I can now receive feedback messages from RyeAds), and saw that I received two messages from new users! One was a lovely comment on the visitor’s appreciation for the site, and the other, was feedback on some display issues (for some reason, the site doesn’t display well on Internet Explorer – I’m gonna have to fix this soon).


In addition to that, RyeAds.com was mentioned in the Ryerson Today Bulletin today! And, after checking the back end of the site, I’ve also found that there a little over 20 ads on the site now! Hopefully this trend continues!

*For those of you just tuning in, I am speaking of a labour of love I worked on this summer called RyeAds.com. It’s a Ryerson University-specific classified ads website. Only someone with a ryerson.ca email can post an ad there, but anyone on the web can view and reply to them. Currently, it’s most popular category is for used text books, but there are also some ads under electronics, tutoring, and Groups & Services.

RyeAds.com – A New Project

This summer, I new I’d have a lot of time. Not in the usual sense, because my summer job would keep me indoors from 11am to 7pm every workday, so the days were pretty much shot. By time I mean, brain-time. Having just started back at school last year, I was in the zone. The go-go-go, no time to sleep, constantly working/studying zone. That’s a hard place to snap out of.

So this summer, I set myself a few projects to keep myself busy and mentally active. One of them was Ryeads.com.

What is Ryeads.com you ask? Well, back when I was a student at McGill, and I wanted to find a good price on a used text book, I’d check out the school’s site, scroll down, and click on Classified Ads. It was perfect. A school run site that only faculty and students could post to, and nine times out of ten, I could find the book I needed at a reasonable price. Maybe there were a few dog eared pages, but how else was I going to figure out what pages to read, right? Anyway, RyeAds.com will fill this classified ads void in the Ryerson University bubble.

Once the word about the site spreads and people start using it, it will have more and more ads on it, and so will be more and more useful to the students and staff looking for things to buy. The more people use it, the more useful it will be.

It has the potential to be a very useful resource for everyone at Ryerson University. Now I’ve just got to spread the word…

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