Commitment to the Game

That’s exactly what a great majority of my teammates on my just-finished recreational softball team did not have. We had seven games for the spring season. At only one of them did we have a full team. Thanks to our competitors having abundant team sizes we were able to borrow a few players to have a game for fun, after forfeiting the real game of course.

There were probably only two of us on the entire team that came to 6 out of 7 games. I missed one because I had planned a trip for one weekend long before signing up. There was a husband and wife couple that signed up, who had a newborn baby, who signed up and they only came to one game. That’s totally understandable – you have a newborn, so you don’t have the time or energy to play softball. I get it. So why did you sign up?

When you sign up for a sports league, please have the decency to think it through and make sure you can commit to the schedule. Don’t think of it as optional to go to your games. Your teammates, and opposition, are counting on your presence so they can have a ball game.

Here’s to a better summer league. And kids, don’t sign up and bail.

Ending the World with Baseball

For those of you that are still on Earth to read this, you are probably already well aware that you have not been chosen as one of the righteous few, but have instead been picked for the team of the damned. But hey, so far (at least in Toronto) the only difference I’ve noticed between Earth and Hell on Earth is that the weather got a little more cloudy. Not that bad I’d say.

I consider myself lucky that I got to see the Jays play Tampa Bay before the Rapture arrived. They didn’t win that first game, but with all the errors that were made, they did mount a surprising comeback to lose by only one run.

And then for the day of the Rapture, I got to see the Jays whoop the Houston Astros. A pretty good way to spend the last real day on Earth.

Then, for my first day of Hell on Earth I got to play my first softball game since my days at camp. Even though we lost, it was a pretty great time for our first game playing together. But then I saw the fourth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. I certainly felt as if the world was ending while watching that film.

Anyway, so far Hell ain’t that bad.

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