It’s a Brave New Wordle

Redbudd's WordPress Wordle1

This blog's Wordle as of Jan 1, 2011

I started this post with the picture above on the first day of the new year. Somehow I stumbled upon a post on Jamie Cooks referring to this interesting little site. Wordle allows you to create a word cloud based on any text you give it. You can either directly paste in some text of your choosing, or give it a URL so that it can cloudify an entire website. You can play around with colour themes, font, and word arrangement. Like your typical word cloud on a blog, it displays the most common words largest. You can save your Wordle in their database to be viewed by anyone, and print out a copy for yourself. If you’re trying and failing to save your Wordle to your desktop I suggest clicking print, and then saving to PDF instead – that seems to be the only option.

As the caption suggests, this Wordle was created for this blog on the first of 2011. I’d like to revisit Wordle in a few months to see how my Wordle has changed. And so I have the opportunity to say Wordle some more.

In other news I’ve spent my first day working on my new blogging project. I’ve spoken about it before, but essentially this involves my being employed part-time to manage a self-hosted blog. Today I set up the hosting with Dreamhost and then installed WordPress…twice. I ran into trouble soon after the first installation, because I wanted to install a theme that wasn’t included in the one-click install. I contacted Dreamhost’s tech support, and they got back to me right away. Turns out I needed to do the less fool-proof custom install, which I did. Now everything’s hunky-dory. But I can tell my troubles with this endeavour aren’t over yet. But I’m not giving up. Just acknowledging that I will likely be making more than a couple mistakes along the way.

If you have any experience with managing a self-hosted blog with WordPress or Dreamhost or both, I’d really appreciate any advice or tips you might have.

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